TrakTape is a revolutionary new product designed by and for amateur motorcycle track riders.

Amateur motorcycle riders hit racetracks on any given weekend all over the world. One thing that remains constant is the track's requirement to have glass and plastics covered to prevent both the distractions of headlights, tail lights and glare, but also to avoid the scattering of those pieces in the event of a crash.

Up until now, this process has been both time-consuming, messy and painstaking. Commonly used are rolls of blue painter’s tape, masking tape or even duct tape to cover lights and mirrors. Cutting and placing strips of tape off a roll is both tedious, inefficient, and takes away from valuable time on the track.

TrakTape solves all of these issues in an easy, peel-and-stick solution that comes all on one sheet. Custom-designed for the specific designs and colors of individual brands of commonly used track motorcycles, TrakTape is not only simple to apply, but also remove with no damage, mess or residue. The added bonus, and what we think our customers will find most appealing, is that their track photography will look clean and professional.