Based in sunny Southern California, where race tracks are plentiful and the weather cooperates 99% of the time.

TrakBrand Light Covers began as TrakTape in 2014 and is the brainchild of David Kolb, who at the time was an amateur track day rider who got sick of the time consuming, messy and laborious process of using painter's tape, masking tape, or that one time, duct tape (worst. idea. ever.) to cover this Ducati's lights to pass tech inspection. Not only was tape unreliable at best to stay stuck for the entire day, but removal was a huge pain in the tailpipe with both tiny pieces and residual goo remaining. Not to mention the track photos looked horrendous.

Our goal is to provide an easy to apply (and remove!) quality material that fits your bike perfectly to meet tech inspection and also look great in those all-important track photographs! With TrakBrand Light Covers, we've got you covered.

Ride safe!

Update: David is now club racing in the CVMA race series in Southern California where after finishing his first season 3rd overall in both Amateur Middleweight classes, has bumped up to expert where he continues to podium.